Friday, December 2, 2016

Electric Skillet Pot Roast (G)

In long-ago gardens I grew magnificent basil plants and dried bags and bags of basil leaves to keep up with the abundance. During the cold Midwest winter months I also kept little pots of fresh basil plants indoors. These days, I take a variety of leafy basil plants with me when we travel in our RV.

Electric Skillet Pot Roast makes use of a tomato and basil base and it has a soothing, wonderful comfort flavor.

*This recipe may  also be made in a crock pot, in a Dutch oven on top of the range or in a regular oven. For my RV travel convenience, I chose to make it in the ever-handy electric skillet.
While the written recipe calls for beef, the pictured dish actually made use of grass-fed, no-hormone, no antibiotic bison meat. The meat was mild, very tender and delicious and I did add beef bones for a richer flavored sauce.



Electric Skillet Pot Roast


¾ tsp salt, pepper blend to taste

1 ¾ lb pot roast
2-3 soup bones

1 T oil

1 10 ½ oz can tomato soup

1 can water

¾ C chopped  sweet onion

¼ tsp crushed basil leaves

2 -3 Potatoes

2-3 Carrots, pared and cut up

¼ C red wine
2 T butter


 On med/high heat, brown both sides of meat in hot oil. Turn down heat to low. Add soup, water, onion, basil. Cover and simmer for 2 hours. Cut up potatoes and carrots. Add vegetables.  Recover and simmer 1 hour until vegetables and meat are fork tender. Adjust seasonings and blend in butter before serving.  





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