Tuesday, September 16, 2014

One Muffin - Gluten-Free (G) (V)

There is much satisfaction when a recipe turns out and even more so when a great recipe is improved!

My recipe for the following muffin: http://www.foodmemories.net/2012/02/2-12-flaxseed-muffin-for-one.html , is a good product,  but with a little tinkering of ingredients, I have been able to create an even better GLUTEN-FREE muffin!

One Muffin has a delicate flavor and moist even texture. The muffin is made one-at-a-time and baked in the microwave. Mixing is done in the same cup used for the baking process.

In a real hurry? Assemble the dry ingredients ahead of time in a zip-lock bag. When you want a muffin, just add the rest of the ingredients, and, voila, a great breakfast or mid-day snack!

One Muffin - Gluten Free

1 large egg
3 T ground flaxseed (I prefer the golden seed)
1 T rice flour
1 T oil
1 tsp baking powder
1 T flavored balsamic vinegar
1 T Splenda (optional)
Optional ingredients:
1 T chopped pecans
1 T coconut
Fresh or dried berries to taste, (the pictured muffin had 3 fresh raspberries mixed into the batter)
Cinnamon - dash
Cream cheese (do not mix into the batter)
Break egg into a large cup (I use one meant for soup)
Add the ground flaxseed, rice flour, oil, baking powder, vinegar and other ingredients as desired.
(Flavored balsamic vinegars I have used are: white coconut, maple, espresso or black cherry).
Mix ingredients until evenly blended.
Place cup in microwave and cook on HIGH for one minute.
Remove cup from microwave and gently slide muffin onto a plate.
Slice the muffin evenly and place pats of cream cheese between layers. Add fruit on the side. Enjoy!

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