Monday, May 5, 2014

Lime-filled Chocolate Dessert Shells

Limes are beautiful inside and out - they remind me of summer sun, beaches in Florida and FOOD! I love lime juice on fish, in tomato juice and drizzled over certain Mexican dishes. I love the grated peel on salads, in special desserts and as an alternative to lemon in cookies.

I am happy to say - Duncan Hines sells a not-too-sweet canned, Key Lime Crème pie filling/topping.  I experimented with the crème filling and combined it with whipped topping. This combination was used to fill little dessert shells. What a happy way to end a meal!

Lime-filled Chocolate Dessert Shells

1 can Duncan Hines Key Lime Crème
1 small container Cool Whip
2-3 squares almond bark
1/2 C Wilton Candy melts (chocolate) or tempered chocolate
1 bag water balloons

Begin by blowing up desired qty. of water balloons - not too large. Blow up a few extra! Use a veg. spray to coat the bottom and an inch or so up the sides of each balloon. Set aside.

In a double boiler, carefully melt almond bark. DO NOT allow any water to touch the bark - it will seize up and be unusable. Set aside. In a second double boiler, melt the chocolate pieces. Be careful  not to burn them or splash with water. (The bark and melts may be melted in the microwave, very carefully - do not burn. Do this in 30 sec. increments at 50% power in a microwave-safe container). Stir.

You may combine the two colors to create a marbled effect, or you may keep them separate.

Line a large baking pan with wax paper or parchment. Lay down each balloon in warm chocolate and rock back and forth to create a petal effect part of the way up the sides of each balloon. Place coated balloon on lined pan. Continue. Place finished, coated balloons in refrigerator or freezer to harden coatings.

When the coating is hardened, bring pan to work area. Use a straight pin to puncture the balloons at the top and gently release the air. The balloon will pull away from the sides of the chocolate shell.
Put shells back into the refrigerator.

Mix the lime filling in 1/2 C batches with the same amount of whipped topping. Combine gently. Bring the shells back to the work area and carefully fill each one with lime mixture. Top with large chocolate chip or slice of lime. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


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