Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Best Brussels Sprouts - Not Bitter

Much-love foods can stretch from the extremely complicated, like Mile High Lasagna Pie, to the very simple, like a piece of fresh fruit. Some flavors take some time to train one's palate to enjoy or even like. For me, it was Brussels sprouts.

My husband loves this small cabbage-like vegetable while I always hated their bitterness. The evil, lingering odor of  cooked Brussels sprouts only added another layer of something to dislike about them.

Sometimes, though, persistence pays off. Every time sprouts were served, I tried one or two. I wanted to like them, but it was not to be. Not until the day I discovered a wonderful and simple  preparation method. It not only eliminated the horrid odor, but also removed the bitter flavor.

My husband said they were the best Brussels sprouts he had even tasted!

The Best Brussels Sprouts

Select fresh or frozen Brussels sprouts. If fresh, rinse off sprouts and slice a thin layer off the cut end to remove the discolored part.

Place 1 cup of sprouts in a microwave-steamable bag. Zip the bag end closed,  Cook as directed. Immediately remove sprouts to a bowl, add butter, stir gently to combine. Enjoy.

You will not believe the sweetness - and - NO ODOR!

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