Thursday, March 27, 2014

Diane's Butter Bean and Vegetable Soup (G)

Years ago, I made all my soups from scratch. I knew the vitamin and mineral values and the flavors were better than the canned varieties and it was an economical way to use up left over food items.

Unfortunately, most of the soups I concocted were horrible. They were often tasteless because they were overcooked. Other times, the soups were bitter or lacked any definitive flavor because I had not developed the broth or, again overcooked the vegetables.

I never threw the concoctions out, however. Instead, I would bulk them up with pastas, rice or potatoes. While these additions helped, I knew the soups were not what I had envisioned.

Fast forward to my empty-nester life and voila - the soups are flavorful, wonderful and unbelievably delicious. I am glad I did not give up my quest to master the art of soup-making!

Diane's Butter Bean and Vegetable Soup
1 qt. chicken broth
3 tsp. chicken base bouillon
Carrots, steamed and cut up
Cabbage, steamed, cut up
Sweet onion, steamed, chopped
Potatoes, red - boiled and cut up
1-2 cans butter beans, drained
Spinach, fresh
Mushrooms, sliced
Parsley flakes
White wine (optional)
If you notice, very few of the ingredients have measured amounts. This is because soup should be made with love! Measuring everything will cut down on its possibilities and "wonderfulness".
Heat the broth in a large pot. Add the bouillon base and stir well. Add the cut up, *steamed vegetables and the butter beans. Continue to heat the soup and add the mushrooms. When they are tender-crisp, drop in leaves of spinach or Swiss chard. Heat until the leaves are wilted. Add parsley flakes and about 1/4 C white wine. Stir and taste. If the soup needs salt, add it now. Turn off heat and ladle soup into bowls. Put a pat of real butter in the middle of each bowlful. Push it down under the broth as it melts. Serve and ENJOY!

*Hint: Vegetables may be steamed in a pot over water, but I like to use the microwave steamer bags available in most grocery stores. It only takes a few minutes to steam most vegetable perfectly. Carrots are the exception, they are better steamed with water.

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