Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bee-Bim Bop - easy version (G) (V if desired)

The Sunday magazine clipping from nine years ago is still in good shape. It is a photo of a wonderful dish and a recipe called Bee-Bim Bop*. While it is a familiar favorite in Korea, bee-bim bop, a decade ago, was new to me.

 *(Bi bim bap, bee-bim bop or bi bim bopBi bim means to mix and bap, pronounced bop, is the word for rice. If the words are strung together it roughly translates to “mix it up)

The recipe from the Sunday magazine is complicated. Meat is marinated and braised, eggs beaten and fried, vegetables, chopped and stir-fried with sauces and others blanched. Each set of ingredients is served in separate bowls and each diner is given a large bowl of hot rice and asked to help themselves to the prepared ingredients. The wonderful bowls of food are mixed - like crazy - and enjoyed, often with a side disk of kimchee.

There are many versions of Bi-bim , see Post # 246. They are enjoyed for their variety of textures and flavors, but the complicated process to get to the end product has kept me from making it often.

I wanted the dish, but not the work. Then, one day, a light bulb moment happened. I decided Bee-bim bop could be just as tasty with reduced preparation! The meal I devised was delicious; actually, it was better than delicious. It had just the right amount of crunchy texture from the vegetables, a slight saltiness from the sauce and pure comfort from the hot Basmati rice.

While I used braised turkey sausage links for the meat portion of the Bee-bim bop, chicken, pork or beef strips would be just as delicious. Omit meat for vegetarian version.

Diane's Bee-bim Bop - Easy Version
1/4 Green pepper, chopped
3 Green onions, chopped
1 Carrot, diced
3 Celery stalks, diced
1 Garlic clove, diced
2 C Spinach or spinach blend
1/4 C Carrots julienne
4 Turkey sausage links (your choice of meat or omit for vegetarian version)
2 Eggs, beaten
Sushi/sashimi sauce
Rice, Basmati, hot
Prepare desired amount of rice and set aside, keep warm.
Prepare vegetables as described above. Add 1-2 T oil to a hot, heavy pan or wok. Stir-fry first four ingredients together until tender crisp. Add garlic and braise while combining with other vegetables for 30 seconds. Transfer to a bowl. Wipe out pan, add 1 T oil. Toss in spinach blend and sauté until wilted, transfer to a second bowl. Sprinkle pan with julienne carrots and stir quickly until slightly caramelized. Put in a small bowl. Wipe out pan, add oil, add beaten eggs. Lift edges to allow the runny egg to run under cooked egg. Flip egg over for 20 seconds, transfer to a cutting board. When slightly cool, roll egg into a cylinder and slice into thin ribbons. Cook sausage as directed. Cut into 1/2 inch pieces.
Place hot rice in the middle of two serving bowls. Arrange the cooked meat, egg and vegetables around the edge of each bowl attractively. Sprinkle the top of each with green onion and julienne carrots. Drizzle with sauce. (Be sure to mix-it-up when eating!) Serves 2.
(Recipe may be increased for more servings).

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