Friday, February 25, 2011


On February 26, 2010, I began to write about, cook and photograph food and my memories. I remarked that I hoped to post daily for a year and that these on-line treasures would be for all to enjoy and to remember me by.

That designated year end has arrived! A year ago, my mother's perfectly flavored Italian Beef was the very first recipe posted and I was off and running...sometimes literally. Food Memories has taken me places that were often familiar and sometimes, not. I loved remembering my past, but rejoiced that I could move forward with enthusiasm; new memories.

 Now, here I am, more than 260 recipes later, having covered a spectrum of food from Almost Heath Bars to Zucchini Squares. Along the way, familiar recipes were reworked and made better and completely new ideas were tried out, adjusted and added to my list of favorites. I learned how to used lemon grass and Panko bread crumbs. I finally figured out how to turn out a wonderful loaf of quadruple chocolate bread and how to create fabulous pizza dough. My microwave was put to use and helped me make
to-die-for caramel corn, German chocolate frosting, and huge plates of mussels.

I am especially grateful for the internet where I found the history of products, produce and recipes. Because of this information gold-mine, I learned how to  grate lemons well and easily, I know that no pineapple is picked before it is ripe and found out that Heath Bars were a military staple during WWII. I loved sharing this type of information as well as my own ideas and food preparation tips on the blog.

The last two regular posts will include the complete alphabetized index of recipes and the final post #260 recipe...a very special ending for this project.

My blog will remain up and I will post in the future as I discover more food ideas to add to my memories.

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  1. Thanks Diane for your all the work, effort and love you put in, to share your memories and great recipes. We enjoyed reading, and trying some of the tasty dishes, and will always have something to go back to, when we need ideas for meals. THANKS!