Thursday, December 30, 2010

219. Easy Potato Soup, Limitless

As much as I love a good soup...I usually can only eat it once or twice and then, I am tired of it for awhile. Needless to say, if I tweak an old recipe or find a delicious soup that has not been a part of my
decades-old collection, I am extremely happy to add it to my menu. Today's soup is one of those...a very common soup that can be made with many variations.

The words potato soup...sound delicious and comforting...a soup to be consumed on a cold and blustery day or feasted on with some wonderful bread after a long day out and about in the world. This soup can be modified with the addition of left-over odds and ends from the refrigerator...the variations are almost limitless. My husband gave this soup two thumbs up.

I actually used left over twice-baked potatoes for this soup. In fact, almost every ingredient was a left-over product from the refrigerator.

Easy Potato Soup

2 T margarine, (Smart Balance), or butter
1 sweet onion sliced into thin wedges
2 cloves garlic, chopped
2 T bacon bits
3-4 medium cooked russet potatoes with the skins on
2 C chicken broth
1 C light cream or milk
1-2 C broccoli, chopped and steamed (optional)
1/4 C cheddar cheese, grated

Melt margarine in a large pot on medium-high heat. Add onion slices and garlic. Saute until onion is tender crisp. Do not burn garlic. Add potatoes and break into small pieces while blending with the onions. Slowly add broth and mix well. Turn heat down to low and add cream. When mixture is hot, stir in cooked broccoli.

Remove 2 cups of soup to a blender and pulse until smooth. Add back to pot and mix well. Sprinkle in cheese and heat until melted. Taste and add salt if necessary. Serves four.

Optional ingredients: sliced carrots, diced turnips, spinach, chopped green onions

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