Thursday, December 16, 2010

209. Cucumber-Avocado Salad, Gintare's Recipe

I just love it when someone prepares and serves food that is different and wonderful. It makes it even more of a treat when the recipe is not complicated and can be replicated without much effort.

My daughter-in-law, Gintare, treated us to a salad that fit into this category of wonderfulness. The dish she made consisted of fresh, cubed ingredients and a simple dressing.

The flavor blend of this Cucumber-Avocado Salad is delicate yet satisfying and refreshing. I love the introduction of the mozzarella is uncomplicated, slightly salty and perfect with the other ingredients.

I have served this dish as a tasty appetizer, a side-salad and have even fixed it for myself as the entrée for a light evening meal...

Cucumber-Avocado Salad

6-8 grape tomatoes, quartered
1/4-1/3 C mozzarella, cut into small cubes
1/2-3/4 C cucumber, peeled, seeded and cut into small cubes
1 avocado, peeled, seeded and cut into small cubes
Juice from 1/2 lemon
3-4 T extra virgin olive oil
Pepper blend of your choice

Cut all vegetables as indicated on list above and place in a mixing bowl. Add lemon juice and olive oil. Mix gently. Sprinkle with pepper blend and a dash or two of salt. Blend gently and taste. Adjust seasonings if necessary. Serve as a side dish for 4 or as an entree for two.

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