Thursday, December 9, 2010

204. Kiwi Smoothie, Green Food

I remember the first time I saw kiwifruit for sale at the grocery store. Several  had been cut open and small samples were being handed out for shoppers to try. The fruit had such an unusual color and overall look, that few people passed up the chance to taste this 'down-under' delicacy.

For years I ate kiwi by peeling and slicing the oval-shaped fruit into quarter-inch circles. For me, it was a fruit to be used in salads and in fruit desserts. I hardly ever ate one by itself until the day I bought a large box of them and found a plastic spoon/knife included in the box.

The instructions on the untensil wrapper indicated that the kiwi was to be sliced crosswise with the knife-end and then the flesh was to be spooned out with the spoon-end and eaten. What a simple, easy way to enjoy this vitamin-packed fruit. Since then, we buy kiwi in bulk packs and eat them as a side dish or as a snack.

Kiwi Smoothie is another way to enjoy this green is refreshingly delicious!

(The ice makes this smoothie very cold...beware of 'brain-freeze'. Allow to melt slightly if desired).

Kiwi Smoothie

¼ cup Coconut milk
¼ cup Sugar
2 Kiwi Fruits
2 cups ice, crushed

 Peel and slice kiwi fruit.
 Blend the chopped kiwi with sugar, coconut milk and crushed ice in a blender or Vita Mix.
 Pour it into two glasses. Serve immediately. Serves 2.

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