Wednesday, November 3, 2010

178. Cranberry-Apple Relish, Side Dish

Fresh cranberries are a very unusual fruit. Alone, their taste is sour and unpleasant. Sweetened and mixed with other foods, they are tangy and wonderful. When fresh, this fall fruit is probably associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas more than any other time...coincidentally, this is also the only time of year this fresh fruit is available.

We always had some sort of cranberry side dish with our Thanksgiving dinner. For years, it was  that jellied stuff that came out of a can. If both ends of the can were opened, the whole cylinder-shaped jell slid out. Mother would place it on a dish and cut it in thick slices. Eating it was kind of a love-hate thing...the tangy flavor was appreciated, but its consistency was not all that appealing.

We were definitely overjoyed when our mother discovered how to put together the side dish that  became the asked-for-favorite for our holiday meals. She would grind cranberries coarsely with apples and other ingredients. The mixture was sweetened, flavored and allowed to blend together in the refrigerator for a few days before it was considered just right. Mother's cranberry dish was enhanced with triple-sec. I like  orange flavoring better.

Diane's Cranberry-Apple Relish

1 peeled orange, seedless
3 C cranberries, washed and sorted
3 apples, cored and quartered ( use a good Red Delicious, Fugi or Gala; unpeeled)
¾ C sugar
Orange flavoring

Put first 3 ingredients into Vita Mix  or food processor and pulse quickly to leave cranberries and apples coarsely ground. Add sugar and orange flavoring to taste. Put mixture in a covered container and refrigerate for 2-3 days. Mix daily to keep flavors blended.

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