Monday, August 23, 2010

126. Cordon Bleu Croissants, Almost Paris

The name Cordon Bleu just seems to conjure up visions of something wonderful and French. The school in France with that same name is well known for turning out superior chefs and cooks. Besides the culinary courses and master's programs, each Cordon Bleu school offers a list of short courses, based on demand.

Students are put through weeks of cooking and pastry making classes. The very top students who complete each course at three levels are awarded the Grand Diplome...a very prestigious rank to attain.

The term Cordon Bleu, when it designates the name of a recipe, usually refers to a layered combination of chicken or turkey, ham and Swiss cheese topped with a rich creamy sauce. There are many recipes for this dish and they can make a tasty entree for a luncheon or dinner; however, if I am in a hurry or just want a light and tasty meal, today's recipe is a great substitute.

It gives the flavor of Cordon Bleu, but none of the fuss. It can be made for one person or for a whole family. Each tasty bite can almost make you think you are in a sidewalk cafe right in the middle of Paris...happy eating.

* I bought very thinly sliced meat and used 2 slices of smoked ham, 2 slices of smoked turkey and 1 slice of Swiss cheese per sandwich.

Cordon Bleu Croissants

Quantities are per serving:

1 croissant
2 thin slices of cooked ham
2 thin slices of cooked turkey breast
1 slice Swiss cheese

Spread ham slices with 1 tsp horseradish; top each with 2 slices of turkey and a slice of Swiss cheese. Roll up ham jellyroll fashion, and secure with wooden toothpick.

Place meat roll(s) on a microwave safe dish. Cover with waxed paper and vent. Microwave at HIGH for 30-50 seconds or until cheese melts. Remove picks, and discard. Split croissant and place meat roll inside. Serve immediately.

*You may warm the split croissant if desired.

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