Thursday, August 12, 2010

119. Chicken Mac Salad, (G)

When my children were in college, they often called home to ask for my recipes. What a treat for a mother to know they loved, loved, loved my food!

However much I wanted to share my recipes, I had to keep these facts in mind:  my kids were on strict budgets, had long study hours, class time, jobs and social activities -  shopping for hard-to-find ingredients and lengthy meal preparations were not going to be possible. The recipes had to be simple to create and easy to prepare and if they could be used for several meals, it would be a big plus.

The recipe for today's post was part of a collection that I sent to my children. The collection told them how to up to use a 1 lb. box of elbow macaroni to create four different recipes.

 All ingredients for the chicken salad are ‘to taste'; use your imagination, if you want to add something else…try it. (The pecans are wonderful and add that little something extra!)

Diane's Chicken Mac Salad

1/3 of a 1 1b. box cooked and cooled elbow macaroni (gluten-free may be used)
2 lg. spoonfuls of Hellmann’s mayonnaise
¼ C chopped green pepper
1 celery rib, chopped
½ C sliced black olives
pepper blend, (21 seasoning Salute from Trader Joe’s)
Juice from ½ small lemon

*Shredded sharp cheddar cheese (cheese may be mixed in with salad ingredients or saved and sprinkled on top)
1 can chicken, shredded

Lettuce, shredded
Salad dressing, your choice (optional)
Whole pecans

Mix first 9 ingredients together. Chill. Place shredded lettuce on plate. Drizzle with a light salad dressing. Put ¼ salad mixture on top of lettuce, * add cheese and pecans.  Makes four servings.

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