Wednesday, August 11, 2010

118. Individual Quiche, Microwavable

The first time I had quiche of any kind was when it was served at a luncheon when I was a young mother. Although I loved its flavor and texture, I never made one for my family...ever.

For one thing, I did not want to buy a special quiche pan, but the other reasons were mainly mental: in my mind I thought quiche was hard to make, prone to falling and might be disliked by my family...all good reasons to avoid making one. As frugal as I was with my food shopping budget, I was not going to waste ingredients that might be rejected. No quiche passed my way again for years...I wasn't making it and neither was anyone else I knew.

The day I found directions for individual quiches, my interest picked up on this egg-based dish.There are many reasons to love this particular recipe: there is no crust to make, bacon bits and egg substitute are used and the whole thing is cooked in the microwave.

There were no more excuses for NOT making a little quiche! I could even make it for myself and enjoy the novelty without wasting a bite. As it turned out, my husband loved this quick, quiche recipe. It is a nice change for a light breakfast.

Individual Quiche, Microwavable

(Recipe is for one quiche)

1/4 C Egg substitute
2 T milk
1/2 slice of bread, crust removed
1/2 green onion, chopped
Salt, pepper blend, chili powder
1 tsp Real Bacon Bits
1-2 tsp Monterey-Jack cheese blend

Coat the inside of a  custard cup with non-stick spray. Break up bread into small pieces and place in bottom of prepared custard cup. (I used seeded rye bread). Top with onion and bacon bits. Pour egg substitute into a small dish and add seasonings, mix well and pour over layers in custard cup. Sprinkle with cheese. Microwave on MEDIUM for 5-6 minutes or until egg rises above cup edge and center is done. Check each minute during last 2 minutes of cooking. Do not over cook. Allow to cool slightly before will be very HOT!

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