Monday, August 9, 2010

116. Steak Barbecue, Teriyaki Style

I ate more red meat in my past life. It was fairly inexpensive and did not contain hormones, antibiotics or suspicious feed additives. Even the cuts of meat were different than those seen in stores today. Many packages of beef included the marrow bones which gave an exceptional flavor to certain dishes which cannot be duplicated otherwise.

When queried as to why the bones have disappeared, several butchers have given me various answers. One: the meat is cut at a central butchering location and the stores have no sayso in the way they receive their meat. Another answer is: after the mad cow scare, stores were reluctant to include bones with the packaged beef. I do not believe these butchers because they do offer -for a hefty fee - soup bones sold separately. Either there is a problem with the bones or there is not!

Unfortunately, today's cooks are not learning what they should know about the flavor-enhancing property of bones and marrow. Instead, they learn to rely on artificial flavors such as steak sauce. The few times I tasted steak sauce, I thought its flavor was similar to the fragrance of a familiar liquid cleaning product that ends with the word Sol.  Blech!

Actually, most steaks I grill are not coated with anything; the meat's distinct and delicious flavor was wonderful with mimimal enhancement like like salt and pepper or sauteed garlic and onion.

The glaze used in today's post, however, is terrific with grilled steak and not only does not cover up the meat flavor, but actually brings it out.

 The pictured recipe meat was cooked on a *Foreman grill and the steaks were tender, moist and delicious.
(Directions given for indoor and outdoor grilling below).

Steak Barbecue, Teriyaki Style for Two

1/2 C teriyaki baste and glaze sauce (Kikkoman makes a great sauce)
1T ketchup
1 T chianti (red wine)
1 clove garlic, pressed

2 boneless tender beef steaks, (rib eye or top loin), about ¾ inch thick

Combine first 4 ingredients and mix well; brush steaks thoroughly with mixture. Place steaks on grill. Cook 4 min on each side for rare, or to desired doneness, brushing frequently with remaining basting mixture.

*(Foreman grill: 6 1/2 minutes total cooking time for medium and do baste as the meat grills.)

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