Friday, June 11, 2010

75. Deviled Eggs - Everyone Eats Them

"You can always bring deviled eggs."

That statement is one I have used off an on over the years when one of my time-strapped kids has asked what food they should bring to a family gathering. Not only are deviled eggs inexpensive and easy to make, they look pretty and everyone eats them.

I never gave much thought to the recipe for deviled eggs as I only make them like my mother did and for some reason, I thought everyone else did, too. After doing some research, however, I find that people have been putting all kinds of stuff in the mashed egg yolk for their version of deviled eggs for centuries!

Deviled egg directions in the 15th century might have said to pound the yolks with raisins and good cheese and also add a little finely cut parsley, marjoram, and mint.

In more current trends, cooks pull from a variety of ingredients, in different proportions, to make their deviled eggs. Among those are the following: mayonnaise, Miracle Whip (ugh), onion, celery, green pepper, olives, pimento, crab, shrimp, relish, prepared mustard, dry mustard, pepper sauce, sour cream, cream cheese, cream, ranch get the picture...almost anything!

Sometimes the filling is spooned carefully back into the egg white, sometimes it is piped mother always sprinkled paprika on top for the visual effect...I do, too. Her recipe is so simple, I love it.

My Mother's Deviled Eggs

6 large hard cooked eggs (see post #18 for a fool-poof method for hard cooked eggs)
1 T Prepared mustard (the yellow kind used for hot dogs)
1 T Sweet pickle relish
Hellmann's Mayonnaise

Peel the shell off of the eggs and slice eggs lengthwise. Gently release the yolk from each half and place yolks in a small bowl. Mash the yolks with a fork until well broken up. Add mustard and pickle relish and mix well. Add mayonnaise by the teaspoonful and mix well after each addition. The mixture should be thick and not soupy and amount of mayonnaise will vary depending on yolk sizes. Sprinkle with pepper to taste. Adjust the mixture for taste and texture; gently spoon mixture into egg whites. Place filled egg halves on serving platter. Sprinkle each egg with paprika.

Hint: To keep eggs from sliding around, place a damp paper towel on serving plate prior to egg placement.

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  1. Mary Anne wrote: I love reading and looking at the pictures on your blog. You have really taken on a project, but then you love to cook. For me it would be a real chore. Problem is, I love to eat.