Tuesday, April 20, 2010

37. Egg Sandwich - Seasoned and Easy

Egg sandwiches were a part of my childhood because my dad used to make them for us on an occasional Saturday morning. His sweet nature and willingness to cook made those scrambled eggs a special memory. I can picture my dad breaking the eggs into a big dish and adding milk before he scrambled the mixture. My home economics' teachers, on the other hand, told us that milk should not be added to scrambled eggs. In pursuing the subject, I found that most modern recipes are back to adding milk.

To find a complete overview of what works and does not work with scrambled eggs go to the following site:


It is a very informative website by someone calling himself Mr. Breakfast.

When I  make scrambled eggs, I tend to be in a hurry...and usually spray a little bowl with Pam, beat an egg in it and nuke it in the microwave! This has to be done carefully, however, or the egg will be rubbery.
Today's recipe is for a quick meal. After scrambling and cooking the egg, sprinkle it with McCormick Salad Supreme Seasoning and place egg between two pieces of buttered bread (don't use toast...it is too crisp).

I discovered this wonderful egg-companion by accident 30 years ago because I grabbed the wrong seasoning and sprinkled it on my egg before I realized what I was doing...voila...a family favorite.

If you are on the go, put the egg in a warmed and buttered pita pocket and head out the door...nothing falls out. I sometimes add cut up vegetables, fresh or sauteed...delicious and simple. (Pita bread recipe - post #34)

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  1. Marian said: Putting the egg in the pita pocket sounds like a good idea. Yes, I, too, have had fortuitous accidents.