Tuesday, March 9, 2010

7. White Chocolate Cookies (G,V)

The original idea for cookie exchanges was to reduce the amount of holiday effort for each participant, yet provide the variety that is the heart of an experienced cook's Christmas baking routine.

My contribution for my first cookie exchange was a festively packaged, holiday cookie. A few of the other exchangers, however, seemed to have missed the whole point of the event. Their cookies lacked imagination  or any holiday flair - chocolate chip, peanut butter and worst of all, Rice Krispies squares.

 It didn't matter if the latter were in the shape of Christmas trees; nor did it matter that they were tinted green; they were a big disappointment.

The worst cookie-exchange 'gift' I can recall contained bacon fat - yikes! What was that all about?

After being, 'burned' a few times by sub-par exchanges, I avoided them until the day I received and invitation to a cookie exchange which also included the following rules:

The theme for this exchange is "Christmas Cookies"
Please bring (  ) dozen total cookies.
Arrange cookies on (  ) holiday paper plates and be creative!
All cookies should be homemade.
RSVP - no duplicate recipes are allowed.

No plain chocolate chip cookies, cookie mixes, no-bakes, meringues or bars.
Mail a copy of your recipe before the party.
A booklet for all recipes will be assembled and distributed.
Christmas attire is encouraged!

I was ecstatic; this was going to be my kind of cookie exchange! The festively decorated home welcomed all and the fragrance of mulled cider wafted about in every room.

All participants adhered to the rules and the plates of cookies were impressive.

Even though the rules for that particular exchange excluded no-bake cookies, today's  much-requested  recipe is of the no-bake variety. At Christmastime I have been known to add a few sprinkles of green or red sugar on top before the ingredients harden. Children will love to help make this cookie and the recipe can easily be doubled or divided. It is a cookie for any time of the year!

White Chocolate Cookies

Melt together in the microwave according to the almond bark package directions:

2 1/2 packages (30 squares) almond bark (white chocolate)
1 C peanut butter

2 C dry roasted, unsalted peanuts
3 C Rice Krispies
2 C mini marshmallows

Mix well. Drop by large teaspoonfuls on wax paper. Allow to harden. Store in a cool, dry place.
Makes 11 dozen.


  1. I can remember these cookies from growing up. Always a favorite. We still make them today. Very easy, and people always love them.

  2. I make these cookies every Christmas. I love them and not just because they don't have chocolate--they have peanut butter :), taste great, you can make them any size, and they make a ton of them.